Pricing and Info for Cover Art and Cover Design

Here is information that I hope will help you decide to use me as your book cover designer, and or your cover artist / illustrator.

I can work in either capacity or as both. Both has it's advantages but I am very happy to work in collaboration with other artists and designers.

Prices for Book Cover Design Layouts are £65 for paperbacks, £75 for hardbacks, or £85 for both. E-book covers are £55.
Plus the cost of any image/s used.

I believe that it is the author and or publisher who best know what would work best for their cover, and I will supply drafts and design concepts based on descriptions and ideas provided.

Prices for orignal Book Cover Art vary depending on what you would like and how that can best be achieved. Please contact me for details.

I retain the original artwork and the copyright to any images or artwork used unless otherwise arranged.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Portraits from photos

People and Pets:
Pencil / Charcoal size A4 £85
Pastel size A4 £175
Coloured Pencil size A4 £125

Pencil size A5 £29.95
Coloured pencil size A5 £45
size A4 £65
prices include P+P

International Post: There is a small extra charge of £3 for addresses outside of the UK to help cover the cost of Tracked and Signed For sending.

Payments can be made to my Paypal account using this address: dean@deanharkness.co.uk


“As an artist in his own right, Dean brought great creative flair to my book cover design project. He put a lot of energy into implementing the brief in just the way I wanted. It involved some complex ideas, and Dean worked through them all in meticulous detail to produce an outstanding result. He clearly loves his work and his many skills ideally fit with cover designing. I would heartily recommend him.” July 4, 2011 Roger Keen.

"Kudos to Elastic Press for another well-edited collection and to artist Dean Harkness for an interesting original cover that lets readers pick out specific story references in the shadow boxes." Dru Pagliassotti - The Harrow.

"and let's take a moment to praise Dean Harkness's gorgeous cover." David Hebblethwaite Reviews.

"However, the icing on the cake was seeing Dean Harkness's representation of the final scene accompanying the story. I had no idea it was going to be illustrated and can’t tell you how perfect Dean’s interpretation is." Darren J Guest.